Retirement vs. College

Parents usually have two big things they need to save for: Retirement and college.  It can be a tough choice..


Renting your Castle

One of the strangest loopholes in the tax code, one that still exists after the recent TCJA changes, is the..


Summer Scams

It’s scam defense time again, and real quick, what’s the rule for emails and calls from the IRS? The IRS..


Collecting Debt with CEO and CFO

Collecting debt is a big subject for a lot of businesses, and today we’re going to look at that subject..


Urgent ITIN Warning!

Are you someone that worries?  Well forget that meteor heading toward earth, ignore the atom bomb counting down in your..



Getting into debt is easy, but getting out of debt and staying out is much harder.  It’s not complicated, it..


Third-Quarter interest rates

Woo hoo. It’s that time again where we let you know the IRS has released the interest rates for the..


Finding and Renting Your Perfect Secret Hideout

If it’s the Arctic Fortress of Solitude or an equatorial volcano lair, you’re probably looking to rent your perfect secret..


Your First Tax Issue

Hello High School or College Student working a summer job! Welcome to your taste of the wonderful world of being..


Misclassifying Employees

There can be huge penalties for incorrectly classifying your employees.  It can seem tempting to pay someone as an independent..