Standard Deduction Threshold

There are some tricks that you can use if you’re close to hitting the standard deduction threshold to pass it:..


Monsters in your Financial Clutter

Everyone knows that over time your messy and scattered pile of financial documents can gain sentience and begin to hurt..


The Lottery 40%

Everyone wishes that they could win the lottery, but when you imagine getting all of that money, have you ever..


Food deductions with CEO and CFO

Most food and entertainment is a 50% deductible expense on your taxes, but there are a few exceptions to that..


Tax Preparers and Hacking

All of our clients should know that there are specific kinds of hackers/bad guys that target tax preparers and our..


Withholding Calculator

Last year some people found themselves facing massive tax bills at the end of the year because they weren’t withholding..


Stock in Your Company

Do you have investments in stock in the company that you work for?  If yes, is it too much stock..


Interest Rates Update

Interest Rates for the fourth quarter of 2017 from the IRS will stay the same: 4 percent for overpayments (3%..


Congratulations, You’re Getting Audited!

Congratulations on finding out that you’re expecting . . . an audit! This is a joyful and overwhelming time for..


Bartering for Fun and Profit

Bartering is when you trade things (objects or services) with someone else without actually exchanging money like in some post-apocalyptic..