New Tax Law Means Big Changes

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed at the end of December 2017 with some of the most sweeping..


Health Insurance Forms Delayed

The IRS said it will allow large health insurance companies to delay sending out health insurance confirmation forms. The Jan...


Emergency Funds are worth it

Emergency funds can be helpful for everyone. Any unexpected hit to your finances, and unanticipated illness or a natural disaster..


Check your tax forms

Tax time is here. That means you need to check to make sure you have all the forms you need..


Sunk Costs and You

Emotions make us human. They can also cause us to make rash decisions. Business owners and managers often let emotions..


Review Your Withholdings

The IRS recently announced new withholding guidelines for all employers and payroll companies. Employers are expected to update your paycheck..


Gross Receipt Tax Increase effective January 1st!

An alert to our clients doing business in Santa Fe County, the Gross Receipt Tax is going up on January..


Watch Out For Charity Scams

There are more and more charity scams these days, especially with the many disasters and shootings.  It’s hard to protect..


Tax Deadlines for Harvey, Irma and Maria victims

If you were affected by the various hurricanes that devastated large parts of the eastern and southern coasts, first we’d..


Standard Deduction Threshold

There are some tricks that you can use if you’re close to hitting the standard deduction threshold to pass it:..