Unnatural/Natural Disasters

After watching Maria, Florence, Katrina and other major hurricanes on the news, you may be thinking of how to plan..


The Big Changes

For people paying their personal taxes, the biggest changes in the tax laws taking effect for next year’s taxes are:..


The Health Insurance Conundrum

It’s always hard to predict what will happen in the future, but medical expenses are a fact of life.  Even..


October Reminder

Here’s our monthly reminder that this last year there were major tax changes and that you really should check your..


Amending Past Returns

On thing that Accounting firms do is file amended tax returns, but we don’t always do it right away.  One..


Charity Time

There are some things that you do for charity that might save you some money on your taxes.  If you..


Retirement Age: Revealed!

Harken now to this, the Word of the Accountant: As the multitudes age, they shall reach the three Ages of..


Does your computer have a virus?

No, your computer doesn’t have a virus.  At least not the one that flashing popup is making you worry about...


CEO and CFO: A child’s business

If your child wants to start a business, do you have any idea what you’re getting into?  Do you have..


Contemporaneous Receipts

How on time are you?  Well, there’s one thing that you want to make sure that you’re on time with,..