Roe-ReviewDr. and Mrs. Roe | Owners of Valencia Associated Podiatrists

We had worked with a different CPA in the past and always received “fair” results and tax advice. More often than not, we had to make suggestions regarding updates in tax laws that could affect us – he was very much a reactive CPA. Tardy and Co., P.C. came highly recommended by a previous bookkeeper. We learned quickly that Tardy and Co., P.C. are very proactive have helped us stay abreast of the market place and regulations that may affect our small business. They have also saved us considerable amounts of money by having a solid understanding of what works best for our business and how we can operate more efficiently. They are more than just CPAs providing a service – they are effective business consultants.

Dr. & Mrs. RoeOwnersValencia Associated Podiatrists
Matt-Biggs-ReviewMatt Biggs | Owner of Red Door Brewery & Sandia Crossfit

A few years ago I was searching for help with my back office needs, so a colleague referred me to Tardy & Co., P.C. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with them from the start. They are organized, proactive and on top of things, regularly reaching out to me to ensure that I’m kept abreast of all they are doing and that I’m in compliance with my responsibilities. I know I can reach out to them anytime to ask any question, nothing is off the table. They provide accounting and tax services for both of my businesses, Red Door Brewing Company and Sandia Cross Fit, keeping things organized so the businesses can continue to grow.

Matt BiggsOwnerRed Door Brewing Co.
Farrell-Smith-ReviewFarrell Smith | Owner of Exerplay, Inc.

I’ve been working with Cathie Tardy for 25 years, ever since I first moved to the state and needed assistance with my personal taxes. From the beginning I’ve been able to rely on her for insightful advice and quality work. When I set up my business, ExerPlay, Inc., I needed advice and direction and Cathie was there to provide the support when I needed it most. She and her team are not just accountants but also business advisors for ExerPlay and other business pursuits of mine. From basic business questions to assisting with board meetings and business planning, I know that they are there to help me and my business succeed.

Farrell SmithOwner/Board ChairmanExerPlay, Inc.
Grace-and-Mike-ReviewGrace and Mike Moore | Owners of Zia Concrete Supply Co.

We started our business in 1997. Though we worked with other business and accounting advisors, we felt we needed something more, so we began working with Tardy & Co., P.C. To sum it up – they’re awesome! They go above and beyond to make sure our businesses are running as smoothly as possible. Tardy assists us with both of our businesses, doing the books for both as well as our tax planning. They are proactive in helping us, conducting meetings monthly or bi-monthly to go over our financials and sales for tax planning purposes. They are always available and responsive and we couldn’t imagine running this business with anybody else.

Mike & Grace MooreOwnerZia Concrete Supply Co.