Management Reporting

Management reports are critical for assessing potential challenges, discovering hidden opportunities within a business and even preparing for the sale of your business.

The Tardy team can custom design and develop management reports that offer a comprehensive view of your business and the individual financial factors that create your bottom line. We’ll then discuss with you the findings, helping determine strategic next steps and identify methods for improvement, if needed.
Our management reporting services include:

  • Management report design
  • Transaction analysis (financial history, trends, reserve evaluations, efile
  • Key Indicator review (ROI, NOI, EGI, turnover ratio, profit margin, etc.)
  • Transaction structure and pricing analysis
  • Cash flow analysis preparation
  • Financial projection preparation
  • Benchmarking against key competitive metrics
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly sales and profit/loss ratios

For more information on our management reporting services, give us a call at (505) 255-1617 or send us an email at