Merry Christmas

We here at Tardy & Co., PC, want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  It’s our honor..


Business Location Issues

Once they’ve chosen a place to operate out of, most business owners consider the location immutable.  There are good reasons..


Perfection is Possible

Here’s a great way to make sure that your tax bill isn’t surprisingly large when April rolls around: be perfect..


Super Spy Security

The identity of a spy is their most valuable asset.  Your identity may be at risk too, so make sure..


Tax Resources

In the battle of good and evil, there is one resource that constantly goes ignored: old tax returns. Although clearly..


Generic Financial Self Help Suggestions

Are you feeling like your financial life is out of control?  Are [insert common kind of debt] concerns weighing you..


Bad Business Debt

Do you run your business on an accrual basis? Are there a couple of accounts receivable that are increasingly looking..


Employee Classification: The 3 Types

Do you know the differences between the three classes of workers: employees, independent contractors, and fairy princesses? It can be..


Payroll Tax Superiority

Payroll tax reports for the fourth quarter of the year are due to the IRS on the January 31th, which..


End of the Year Planning Appointments

You know that you shouldn’t delay making an appointment to review your end of the year tax situation.  In fact,..