Tax Preparation in Albuquerque

Tardy & Co., PC can take the pain out of tax preparation for you and your business with our deep knowledge of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Federal taxes.We have 25 years of experience doing tax preparation for locals and their companies, and that means that we have the perfect combination of local and federal knowledge to help New Mexicans maximize their profits and minimize their tax burdens.

The Land of Enchantment may seem like it has a dark and mysterious way of doing taxes, but Tardy & Co., PC can prevent you from feeling like the system is cursed. Whether you’re looking for help with a complicated personal situation or you’ve been doing business here for many years, you can be sure that we will have the best advice.

Our Tax Preparation services include:

  • Personal tax preparation and filing
  • Corporate, Trust and Partnership preparation and filing
  • Complex itemization assistance, including home offices
  • Depreciation scheduling and calculation
  • Payroll and sales tax compliance issues
  • Rental, royalty, and SSA income
  • Self-employment taxes and planning
  • Retirement taxes and planning
  • Amended tax return filing